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Over 17 years ago on a lovely piece of land in sunny Port Elliot, South Australia, Ma and Pa Carob planted their first little Carob Tree. Since then one became many and our Carob family was born. Each gorgeous tree has been nurtured with organic love and a sprinkling of water and now our little trees spend their time basking in sun, smelling the sweet sea breeze and checking out their amazing sea views of the Fleurieu Peninsula (it’s all right for some!). All the while producing the much-anticipated Carob Fruit.

For the first time in 2010 we took the hand-picked fruit away, gave it a bit of a squish and squash, and wham bam our first ever The Carob Kitchen Carob Syrup was born. In 2011 our Kibble Nibbles and Roasted Carob Powder enlightened your taste buds, so we felt it was only natural to let you try our 'Better For You' Carob Milk Bar range in 2012.

The Carob Kitchen is proud to call Australia home. We are 100% Australian owned and operated, and our products are 100% Australian grown and made. We have a passion for food and love of Carob, and aim to share this with you through our amazing products and fabulous recipes.

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