Dirt(y) was formed by celebrity chef and icon Simon Bryant after a stroke of dumb luck (and out of plain necessity) back when he was cheffing.


'At this time I had no love for lentils. Mixed produce origins, although incredibly cheap, never delivered the right result. They were always old, overly dried and from who knows where. The cooked result was consistently tasteless with hard bits that just refused to soften.'


This love for lentils lead to an epic tour foraging for quality, all Australian lentils. Simon found just the right product in Kangaroo Island and immediately put in a minimum order, returned home and awaited the delivery. When the delivery arrived however he hadn’t realised just how big the 'minimum' order was.


'And that is how dirt(y) was formed, because unless I wanted to live solely off lentils (which was tempting) I needed to sell this stuff.'


From there the dirt(y) brand and product range has continued to grow.

'Dirt(y) products are just that - they’re as nature intended - wholesome and from one origin as though you had foraged them yourself. Today we’re still sourcing the finest Australian produce from good Australian growers and packing just one region and one year per box to ensure even cooking times.’ Simon Bryant