Mark, the founder of ‘Gevity RX,’ started the company after his partner began suffering from an assortment of ailments including chronic food allergies, extreme exhaustion, insomnia, mood swings and anxiety. With the realisation that her symptoms were linked to compromised gut health, they purchased every broth they could find. It was when both commercial and traditional versions brought no improvement, they knew it was time to create their own superior broth for gut health.


Armed with the knowledge that it’s only the nutrients from the bones that heal the gut, they worked on purifying and concentrating these
key nutrients, while removing all meat and vegetables. The result was a thick, light coloured, paste-like concentrate.

Fast forward to now and it has been proven to be the most advanced, nutrient dense bone broths in the world. Manufactured using their Proprietary extraction method that delivers a more highly bio-available concentrate with 10x more collagen based amino acids & 16x more healthy fats per gram compared to traditional broths - Gevity have literally “reinvented” Bone Broth.