Eat well in just seconds with these ridiculously healthy, all natural rice substitutes. Whether you’re a busy family, an athlete, a meal-prepper or just someone looking to eat healthy we're sure you're going to love our fresh, rice substitutes.


Healthy Heart CauliFlower Rice launched the range. Grown and packed in pristine South Australia with no additives and preservative free, Healthy Heart Cauliflower Rice is the perfect rice substitute that's ready in 90 seconds with 85% less calories and 90% Less carbohydrates than white rice as well as being gluten free, vegan friendly, preservative free & additive free.

Healthy Heart Sweet Potato Rice is made from Australian grown sweet potatoes and produced locally. This all natural rice substitute has 59% less calories and 58% less carbohydrates than white rice and is gluten free, vegan friendly, preservative free & additive free.

You're going to love it!