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It’s time to soak away the day + regenerate with a range of natural, restorative Epsom Salts and Magnesium Bath Flakes. Salts&CO restorative salts work to naturally detox + boost the body by assisting in the detoxification process. The sulfate component helps draw heavy metals and toxins from the body whilst the magnesium component acts as a muscle relaxant.


These restorative salts have long been regarded to assist in providing overall health and wellbeing by helping to maintain a steady heartbeat, normalise blood pressure and aid in the production of serotonin (a mood elevating chemical that keeps your mind glowing). By adding these restorative salts into your bath, you can assist with mitigating inflammation, relieve muscular soreness and muscular cramps. In addition the benefits are improved circulation and more elastic (think youthful and stretchy) arteries.


So buckle up, cause it’s time to get your glow on.

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