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The Olsson’s have been making 100% pure, Australian Sea Salt since the 1950’s and remain the oldest sea salt making family in Australia. Olsson’s range of Sea Salts are the highest grade available, and sourced from the pristine waters of The Great Australian Bight and The Great Barrier Reef, where sun and wind work in harmony to create the gorgeous Australian Sea Salt taste we all love.

To make its sea salt, Olsson’s use the method called “solar evaporation”. Solar salt is produced by the action of sun and wind on seawaterin large ponds. The seawater evaporates in successive ponds until the seawater is fully concentrated and the salt then crystallizes on the floor of the pond. It is then scooped up, washed in seawater, dried and packaged. That’s it. Olsson’s salts are naturally processed, with no chemical intervention, to ensure a pure and natural product free from additives or preservatives. 

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